Type VH

VH type one-sided radial exhaust-fans

Members of VH fan family are excellent for industrial air transmission, service of technical processes, ventilation of communal buildings, air supply of agricultural establishments. Due to wide range utility, fans are manufactured with different technical solutions (e.g. made from heatproof steel if used to deliver hot air, from corrosion-proof material to deliver hot and corrosive medium, with air-cooled and water-cooled bearings). Specially constructed VH fans are excellent in flue-gas exhausting. VH type one-sided exhaust fans, with 0,55-27,77 m3/s air-transmission, are able to produce 280-3.000 Pa pressure increase in case of 1,2 kg/m3 clean atmospheric air. Temperature of the medium should be between 250-350 K. Fan efficiency - subject to operating point - is between 60 - 72 %.