Our Products

We offer air-handling products in various ranges of size and output for different purposes and functions:

  • centrifugal, axial, semiaxial fans for general ventilation and different industrial air transmission purposes, with complete exhaust pipeline system, if required. Volume flow rate, max: 1.000.000 m3/h, Total Dp : 12.000 Pa
  • special fans for extra technological purposes, e.g. for delivery of acid, agressive, explosive media, as well as for hot and abrasive gases. Volume flow rate, max: 40.000 m3/h, Total Dp : 32.000 Pa
  • mechanical and water-air clarifiers in wide range. Volume flow rate, max: 80.000 m3/h,
  • effective automated module dust filters for heavy, mineral, organic, etc. fine dust in complex systems, with unlimited volume flow rate,
  • bag hose and bag textile filter fillings and hoses in every size and quality to operating filtering installations.

Further services:

  • on-site air-handling measuring, consulting
  • system selection, system design
  • on-site mounting, installation
  • inspection, renewal of operating installations
  • meeting individual needs
  • supplemental sound absorbing and vibration insulation

Besides our own product selection, by means of exclusive cooperation and product marketing aggreements made with some well known western companies, we can offer a wide selection of import fans and other technical air equipment.