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Dust control pipe-works


Circular cross-section steel-sheet pipe and tubulatures, manufactured by VENTIFILT Rt., are applicable as system components of dust- and air-handling systems. Dust control pipe-work is a system consisting of straight and bent pipes, diameter reducing pipe-joints, fitting pieces, tap joints. Pipelines join with loose or fixed flanged joints, mounting is with bolted connection. Sheet pipe is mounted with cleaning- and inspection opening, as well as with by-pass valve. By-pass valve could be a separate unit. Radius of curvature of the angle pipe' centre line is the double of the nominal pipe diameter. Angle pipes are manufactured with 15, 30, 60, 90o angles.

Tubular sections are welded. Material quality of pipe-works is determined by the medium to be delivered (temperature, polluting materials, humidity, abrasive power). Pipe-works could be made from general purpose plain carbon steel, corrosion- and heat-proof steel-sheet, or from aluminium.