LRN, LRND type radial fans

LRN and LRND fans - due to their design - are excellent for general ventilation utilities in agricultural establishments, dryers, cold-storage plants, industrial sheds and in communal buildings for clean air-delivery. LRN device family is manufactured in two designs: one-sided and double-sided exhausting performance (LRN and LRND). One-sided exhaust-fans , with 1,1-32 m3/s air-transmission, are able to produce 180-1.900 Pa pressure difference, double-sided LRND ones, with 2,5-5,5 m3/s air-transmission, are able to produce 200-1.450 Pa pressure difference - in case of 1,2 kg/m3 clean atmospheric air. Temperature of delivered medium could be between 253-222 K. Both types' fan efficiency - subject to operating point - is between 75-83 %.