Venturi washers

Venturi washers are applicable with highly wettable dust with 0,1-1,0 micron grain size, but using additives they are suitable for collecting water-clarifying materials.

In this case, the absorbent determines separation efficiency. Pollution would enrich in the solution. Further technology and differend equipment should be used for further treatment of the barren solution.

Venturi washer is suitable for gas cooling, available cooling value is the saturation temperature of the inlet gas with given moisture content and temperature. Pre-cooling must be applied in case of high temperature (above 573 K) gases containing fine dust.

Fields of application: blowing-furnace, arch furnaces, blast cupola, non-ferrous metallurgy, ferrosilicon production, production of artificial fertilizer, paper production, calcination of limestone, asphalt roch drying, cement production, ore-drying, roasting furnaces and gas separation.


Marking of Venturi washer

For example: VM-6,3/VF