MC multicyclones

MC type multicyclones, multicyclone stations

Cyclones are applicable to collect dry, incohesive dust. Generally they are economic when dust concentration is above 2 g/ m3, dust grain size is more than 5-10 micron, efficiency is at least 90% with 1.000-2.000 pressure decrease. They are not only useable as individual collectors, but could be built in bag filters or wet dust collector.

Cyclones are frequently used in metal mining, coal mining, in cement and other industrial technologies, in flue-gas purification of coal-dust heated boilers, in metallurgy, chemical and food processing industry, as well as in agriculture. MC cyclones are manufactured in two designs, ten sizes, multicyclone stations in one-, two-, four- and six-unit design. MC-2 design - due to its rheological features - could be operated with lower resistance and lower dedusting effiviency, than the MC-4 design.

Nominal volume flow rate of the MC is 16 m/s, if internal speed is optimal. Maximum gauge pressure, depression is 4.500 Pa. Upper limit of nominal dust-concentration is non-definable, but generally we offer 20-50 g/m3 dust-concentration.


Marking of MC multicyclone

For example: MC-4 VF/71/II/J