Filter type VFP

VFP type industrial textile dust-collecting device

Members of this dust collector family - designed by VENTIFILT Rt. - are highly effective and automated. They are applicable in many industrial areas to solve dust-collecting problems. VFP bag filter is useable to purify air polluted with solid materials, gases and smoke. Collected pollution is shabbed off by compressed air impulse. Maximum capacity of dust bags is 100-200 m3/h per square metre, subject to temperature, dust concentration and characteristics. Temperature of polluted gas flow is 393 K (120 oC) generally. Delivery of higher temperature gas could be provided with individual judgement. Pressure decrease between dust- and clean gas space is 1.200-1.500 Pa. Maximum gauge-pressure or depression in the filter is 5.000 Pa. The equipment could be mounted on bunker, and could be ordered with supplements, accessories (rotating-vane feeder, console, service walkway, ladder, etc.).

Fields of application:

  • for granular powder (e.g. above 0,5 mm grain size grinding quartz sand, glass-powder, silica flour, perlite, zeolite, dolomite, blast-furnace cinder, etc.)
  • for fine dusts (e.g. below 0,1 mm grain size grinding, foundry dedusting, etc.)
  • non-metallic mineral and phytogenic fine dusts (lime powder, furniture industry, bentonite, textile powder, metallic oxides, micro-grinding powders, etc.)

Dust to be collected, subject to grain size:

  • Loading capacity of filters: 70-200 m3/m2h
  • Maximum dust concentration: 4-80 g/m3
  • Resistance of gas to be filtered: 800-1.500 Pa

Members of VFP family are manufactured in module-system standard design with 10-600 m2 filter-surface. If special requirements arise, different filter-surface is available. Subject to order, we manufacture the filter with collecting worm bunker or funnelled bunker. Rotating-vane feeder or double damper provides c ontinuous dust conveying.


Marking of VFP type dust-collector

For example: VFP-32/4-B