Centrifugal washers

CM centrifugal washers are useable to collect adhesive, abrasive or grinding dusts at significant dust concentration.

Slurry could be recirculated and enriched. They are economic when highly wettable dust with higher density than water, if grain size is more than 2-3 micron, with good efficiency (99%) and with 1.000-3.000 Pa pressure decrease. Increasing the equipment's pressure decrease to 3.500 Pa, they are suitable to collect dust with 1-2 micron grain size.

Some fields of application: mining, stone-, ore- and coal processing, metallurgy, iron- and steel-casting, dressing-off, processing of foundry sand and fire-proof materials, alumina production, aluminium metallurgy, chemical industry,fine powders in mechanical surface finishing, sand-blasting, tanning, galvanization, to collect acid- and alkali fumes, as well as in construction and building-material industry during processing sand, ceramic and fire-proof materials.

The equipment is suitable for purification of normal air and hot flue gases. They are applicable up to 353 K temperature in normal design, and up to 623 K temperature in special design. Value of pressure decrease could be adjusted between 1.000-3.000 Pa, subject to collecting requirements. Quantity of recirculated washing liquid is 0,25-1,0 kg/ m3, at 293 K.


Marking of centrifugal washer

For example: CM-7,5/VF/J