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H-4080 Hajdúnánás,
Fürdő út 2-4., Hungary


Machinery-technology datas

Cutting Machine sheet cutting Up to 12 mm thickness, maximum 3000 mm length.
Gas cutting Without limitation
CNC plasma cutting 70 mm thickness, 6000 mm length, 2000 mm width, edge-preparation of cut edges for welding.
Saw cutting To Ø400 mm.
Pressing Deep-drawing, pressing On 1800x2200 table size and up to 6300 KN force demand.
Forming of plate Profile steel flanges Min. Ø130, maximum profile height
100 x 100, at 1000 mm least diameter.
U-100, 100 x 40
Sheet rolling Up to 1-25 mm sheet thickness, 3000 mm length.
Least diameter 650 mm at 25 mm sheet thickness.
Edge bending Up to 6 mm sheet thickness maximum 6000 mm length.
Pressing with revolution solid (rolling) Any required profile, up to maximum 4 mm sheet thickness and 2000 mm diameter.
Welding Welding of damped and non-damped steels, of aluminium, of acid- and corrosion-proof steels. Qualification: SLV-München
DIN 18 800
DIN 4133
EN ISO 3834
AD 2000
Qualified welding experts (TÜV Rheinland), welding processes
Weld test with ultrasound and X-ray.
Chipping Chipping with center lathe Up to Ø830 mm, 6000 mm length.
CNC lathe Max. up to Ø550 mm, 1000 mm length
CNC milling machine. 720 x 350 x 150 mm
CNC boring-and-turning mill Up to max. Ø3300 mm, 15000 kg weight, 2200 mm length, with 0,01 mm accuracy of manufacture, turning, milling, sharpening, positional boring (IT6)
NC lathe Up to Ø500 mm, 1500 mm length
Boring-and-turning machine. 1250x1250x2500 mm, max. 3000 kg
Surface grinder 500 x 320 x 300 mm
External cylindrical grinding machine Up to Ø300 mm, 2000 mm length
Boring on radial drill Up to Ø80 mm, max swing 3000 mm
Chasing Up to Ø2200 mm
Balancing Dynamic balancing Up to Ø2100 mm, 2000 kg weight
Heat treatment Heat treatment, training in tempering-furnace 1300 x 1300 x 700 mm
Mechanical descaling descaling with steel grit Up to 2000 mm width and 250 mm height
Materials handling Crane-bridge 12,5 t and 5,0 t (in assembly hall)
Mobile crane 16,0 t
frame crane 7,5 t (industrial track, outdoor storage)
Trundle type Linde Up to 5t
Textile confection needlework of bags and hoses with 1-2 and 3 row stitching, circle and longitudinal seam with maximum 12 mm lap